RE: Alt-Right vs. Social Justice Warriors

Feel free to respond to this, ERA.

Hello. An individual by the name of “Equal Rights Advocate” (herein after referred to as “ERA”), created the infographic below.


Apart from the fact that this infographic generalizes the entire Alt-Right as National Socialists, it compares the entire Alt-Right with Social Justice Warriors (herein referred to as “Leftists”), which is neither a justifiable comparison, nor does it properly address any basic premise held by the Alt-Right.

Alt-Right: Believes races and cultures should be separated from each other.

Leftists: Believes whites shouldn’t take part in the cultures of POC and POC should be given “safe spaces”

The problem with this is that individuals within the Alternative Right, such as myself, are logically consistent, as this concept is applied to all races, as opposed to the leftist, where their derivative of this basic concept is only applicable to ethnic whites.

In addition, the combination of disparate, and often antithetical cultures has been consistently demonstrated to result in the destruction of social cohesion within any nation-state, as seen with Germany, Rwanda, and the former republic of Yugoslavia. So it is therefore justified for the alternative right to seek desire into separating opposing cultures and races.

Alt-Right: Holds all black people responsible for crimes other black people committed.

Leftists: Holds all white men responsible for crimes other white men committed.

The Alternative Right very rarely, if ever, has held any black person responsible for any crime committed by their ingroup. I assume ERA is referring to #BlackLivesMatter riots to “[Holding] all black people responsible for crimes other black people committed” which further support the need to separate conflicting races and cultures.

Alt-Right: Takes credit for modern civilization for what their ancestors did

Leftists: WE WUZ KANGZ!!! [sic]

The Alternative Right does not, in any shape or form, take credit for modern civilization, and this point is therefore a strawman argument. We do, however, cite the white race as the founders of Western Civilization, with the race being a key component in any sustainable civilization. Race is not the only major pillar in a successful civilization, but is a fundamental pillar of it. To better understand this concept, the understanding of Human Biological Diversity (HBD) is required. HBD Chick talks really in-depth about this topic.

Alt-Right: “Anti-Racist is codeword for “anti-White”.

Leftists: “#AllLivesMatter marginalizes People of Color!”

There is not a great deal to refute. As stated earlier, this entire infographic, rather than refute any key concepts held by either the Alternative Right and/or the Dark Enlightenment, it attempts to compare our points to Leftists.

Alt-Right: Claims sexual freedom is causing the downfall of society.

Leftists: Claims pornography is objectifying and degrading towards women.

Mark Yuray from Social Matter went into full detail about sexual the downfall of society, further proving the need to control women’s sexuality.

Alt-Right: Whites who disagree with them are “cucks”. [sic]

Leftists: Non-whites who disagree with them have “internalized racism”.

To say the Alternative Right dismisses our white detractors as cuckolds is over-generalizing. We generally dispute our detractor’s arguments in favor of using ad hominem attacks.

Alt-Right: Trivializes the word “Genocide”

Leftists: Trivializes the word “Oppression”

Contrary to the Leftist usage of the word “Oppression”, the Alternative Right’s usage of Genocide, referring to White Genocide, is a metaphor to describe the plethora of anti-white propaganda proliferating itself into polite society, as well as the decreasing birth numbers due to the liberation of women’s sexuality.

Alt-Right: Believes Jews control the (((Media))) to create anti-white propaganda. [sic]

Leftists: Believes Men control the Media to create anti-woman propaganda.

While citing the Jews for the creation and dissemination of anti-white propaganda is somewhat irrational, the Alternative Right’s grievances regarding said propaganda can be justified, and contrary to Leftists belief in anti-woman propaganda, anti-white propaganda is based on objective reality.

Hates liberalism and and wants an authoritarian government to enforce their ideals

The problem is, giving power to the uneducated proletariat is invariably a poor route for a civilization, and therefore, hierarchy is essential. This can be demonstrated in the current political climate. It is considered not as a mental illness, but a perfectly natural action to be “transgender” in our society, and any dissident who points out that it is impossible to re-assign sex chromosomes, and therefore impossible to re-assign sex, pointing out the basics of human biology, is automatically an outcast in society. Not only this, but it has created the downfall of morality across Western Civilization.