Image: (Pixabay/razabar)

My posts have been sporadic on this blog, with only one post on it. I stopped writing in November due to my deteriorating health. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in early November last year [2016], and having it has reduced output of blog content.

I returned to the Reactosphere in mid-April on twitter, and contributed to TWiR (albeit credit removed now as of writing, and due to these events, I have chosen to opt-out of TWiR) and planned to write a few articles for Social Matter or Thermidor Magazine. Things took a turn for the worse. A few degenerate transsexuals started harassing me day and night, tag degenerate shemale porn with the hashtag #NRx, and attempted to doc-drop me on twitter. These transsexuals who committed these heinous acts were but are not limited to: “Charlotte” Frost, Tranime “Girl”, Cursed E, Nviei78, Loxiozzz, Cyberducky,  Demeter, Frozen Binary Studio, Ceeckoful, Natticatt, “Melody” DickensElectriCobraMitchell Symes, “Jessica” Zhi, “Jennifer” J, “Helena” of Detroit@Marval”Alice”Elagabalus, “Alexis” Hollingsworth, “Melissa” Karlee@BriaSariyah, “Miss” Saiyomi, KittyHPlus, TeleTransOne, Yellow Space Rock, “Andrea” Myers, “Lexie” Khan and “Destiny” Price, as well as their pet chaser, John Baller.

By June, these transsexuals had essentially taken away everything that meant anything to me. They had robbed me of my livelihood. I had fallen so far down, to the extent that the name “Hendrik Verbraeken” will forever be tainted by these transsexuals.

I feel ashamed of even being in the Reactosphere, thanks to these subhumans. Not to mention, accusations of pretending to be Mark Citadel on a horrid website, Kiwi Farms (despite never having problems with Mark in the first place), and some impostors named “SceneCore636” on twitter, and various array of random aliases such as “Nrxion” and “FloweringDaisy”, who have been pretending to be me by copying my style of writing, essentially making me forever a pariah in the Reactosphere. In addition, thanks to said impostor, Mark Citadel has to suffer having a thread over at Kiwi Farms.

The only possible idea for redemption is to, maybe, go under a completely different name. I do not know what the future of this blog is, but it looks bleak.